Balaji Chandrakumar Chartered FCIPD

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek –

Why I do what I do is simple – I am passionate about nurturing the success of people. 

The countless people who make up the foundation of various organizations, they are the ones who are the most critical resource of any organization today and tomorrow. And yet most of the time, because of misplaced organizational priorities, many of them almost never have the opportunity to unleash their true potential. 

My experience as a leader of People Practices in several large scale organizations have strengthened my belief that people management strategies are crucial for long term results. I have experienced how people, performance and leadership are pivotal for the sustainable success of any organization. 

So much so it is no wonder that People Practices has been the most transformed practice in the last few decades.  

Yet, there is no single prescription to get it right.  As we speak people and people practices are changing.  The very nature of people and organizations is that it varies depending on the industry, its context, its competitive positioning and its aspirations.  Neither what worked in the past or replicating what worked in another organization can guarantee success.  

That in itself makes managing people challenging – and such challenges are exactly what drives me to find out what makes people perform at their peak potential. 

What gives leaders the edge to inspire others to do things they thought they could not do? Why does one organization have high staff engagement rates and attract the best talent while others struggle? What are the behaviours of adaptation for an organization in a dynamic fluid market space? What elements of organizational culture engages all age groups, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z?

Really, these are just the tip of the iceberg, there are lots more questions and patterns of behaviour that keep me up at night and keep me immersed in what I do for a living. It drives me to learn more and to keep speaking about it, shaping the narrative around People Practices because I believe it truly holds the key to unlocking potential and nurturing the holy grail of leadership in business.

This is precisely why I feel passionately about mentoring young HR professionals to be curious and inquisitive on how to connect the dots in designing suitable interventions to support the business yet simultaneously bringing out the best in the right people. This is an area which has received very little emphasis in our current education system which largely treats HR as a silo function separate from the business. 

We cannot take this to the next level if we don’t keep the conversation going which is why I write this blog. I am happy to share what I know and have learned from my experiences. But most of all, I am looking forward to hear from you and to learn from you so that we can keep building this narrative to bring about better leadership in business.